There seems to be lots of confusion in between people getting into racing about proper car corner balancing. Here you can find few links that properly describe the whole process and the idea behind. I will not get into details of how to, there is already multiple books on the subject, however I would like to offer links here that can provide drivers with all necessary knowledge they will need to properly and successfully corner balance their race car.

One word before we start, your car has to be equipped with coil over type suspension! Corner balancing is not possible using stock type struts as found in most import cars.

First link will be to Grassrootsmotorsports article:  “Understanding Corner Weights”  this article will explain everything. What corner balance is? Why it is important? How it works.

After you done reading here is link to Excel file which will let you do calculations to corner balance your car and and also to estimate your cars center of gravity.   Excel corner weigh calculator file  Enjoy racing!


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