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The next round of the World Rally Championships takes us to Argentina. But this year, it’s not just a long haul to get to. With a further 200km’s added to it compared to last year, the 2012 edition of Rally Argentina will be the first of the new ‘Endurance’ Rallies. Not to everyone’s liking but certainly brings on a new challenge to the worlds best drivers and teams.

In total the Rally will be a competitive distance of 502.73km, the rally kicks off with on Thursday night. Friday will contain 5 monster stages. SS 2 La Pampa is 37.5km, Stage 3 Ascochinga  is a giant 51.88km. A Service back at Carlos Paz and then they’re repeated with a final stage of 19.18km to end the day. Day 3 has 7 stages, morning loop of 3 which are repeated in the afternoon. Then on to the final day which will kick of with a mega 65.75km SS14 Matadero stage. Stage 15 and 16…

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