Back from Redline Time Attack and… what a cluster. Sorry I am always down for any TA venues but this was the most unorganized, confused, annoying event with very limited track time I’ve ever attended.
Starting from morning, everything is running late, there was no tech forms on their web page for whatever reason so everybody run back and forth to have their cars tech inspected. Tech station opens 30 min before first session, and at the same time when driver meeting is being held. Cluster. Driver meeting takes way too long, not because there was actually a driver info there but because they talk about sponsors and vendors for 20min and trying to talk people into paying for whole season up front (I’ve heard that before in 2010, year Redline went under before) rather than getting to the point. So nothing changed in Redline attitude from 2010, same s**t different time. And folks no refunds here 🙂 if you pay for season and something happens, races are cancelled etc. you’re out of luck and out of money you pre-paid to them.
By the time driver meeting is done first session is staring, almost nobody has tech done and transponder in hand so… Our first session was pretty much 1 lap !!!
One word as far as tech inspection: be aware that tech guys are also racing there so you might find classing your car well… complicated 🙂 As we found ourselves in Modified class on street tires, even that car was fully street class legal. Tech who inspected our car claimed that passenger seat cannot be removed, even that rules clearly state “passenger seat may be replaced” and it said absolutely nothing that passenger seat “cannot be removed”. We sent question regarding this part of rules to technical advisor few days before race but nobody was kind enough to respond to our emails. So maybe next time more clarification in rules will be in order like for example “passenger seat might not be removed, it can only be replaced by…” This way there is less room for personal interpretations.
But the funny thing is that the same tech guy that moved us up in class during tech inspection took 3rd place in… Street AWD class at the end of the day, and took it only because our car was not in class, other way we would have 3rd place, his time was 5s off pace. And nobody will tell me this is coincidence.

So now after first 1 lap session…
Second session comes at 10am and it’s pretty much 15min of track time. At best. Then comes the gem Time Attack 🙂 8min session!!! which means that after warming up tires you have pretty much 2 laps and session is over.
And only times from two 8 min sessions will count for whatever reason. At time attack session there is a cluster of cars on the track so it’s hard to get your time right, some people do some people don’t. Cluster again.
It’s almost noon, not much of track time at all and best time we had was in morning session of red#2 (2.00.3) which somehow doesn’t count towards TA. Great!
No time for lunch. Cluster again. Redline combined with some other venue for these events to get more exposure and people in and in result there was so many running groups and cars at the track that whole day was absolute cluster.
Now on next session “oil spill” from session before us, of course they told us about it when we are already i the pits so 35min of waiting and part of the track with limited grip. Hot, disorganized again, everybody are pissed. Now everything runs behind and nobody knows if everything is being moved because of delay or they keeping schedule as original, Nobody knows because the guy on the microphone is more interested in making his voice sound cool (like 1950 commercials guys on radio) and advertise sponsors rather than letting people know whats going on.
Now one of the biggest issues pre-griding, simple procedure… well if you are organized, but they are not, so another cluster. Every time you come in the pits, you sit there for 20 min because they not sure who, what, where and how. Never seen stuff like this in my life. Every other venue has it organized in the way that pre-griding takes no time at all, but not Redline.
Another thing, there is so many cars for TA and sessions are so short that they are starting to split TA in two groups, well I didn’t know about it till TA session 2 because nobody announced anything so again I am sitting in pits for 20min. No food, no time, confusion.
At that point everything is out of whack, somehow I am loosing most of the session 4 and my last session at 4:10 but wait good new I am in Super Session, great!! at least some extra track time for the money. So I am going for Super Session meeting, which is really not the meeting is just some guys standing somewhere that talks to you. And surprise again, can’t run Super Session because no roll cage. Well ok, not a big deal. Just another unexpected thing.
Folks advice for you. If you’re new to Time Attack stay away from Redline or you might be disappointed. Speedventures and Global Time Attack are way, WAY better, organized and professional. And you will get way more track time for the money.
Also just to point Redline regulations as far as street class are not really based on NASA or any TT regulations so everything is their own stuff, which  means for example if you run street class, allowed tire size is 265 which means you can use them only for Redline since nobody else will let you run that size, everybody else GTA, NASA is 255. If you have NASA, GTA street class legal wing, you can’t run it in Redline. And don’t bother asking their technical advisor of any questions through email, I sent him 3 emails within 2 weeks before race, regarding technical questions, didn’t even get response.
I can tell you one thing, I hate to complain especially on TA venue, because we need more of them not less, but as it looks right now Redline is not what we need. Their attitude and professional level is not where it should be to promote and popularize TA.
And based on last experience with them and my previous experiences with other venues I can tell you one thing. If Redline attitude is not going to change and they will not make sure that next event is well organized then that’s going to be my last race with them.

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