So I am sitting at home, my now 8 months old daughter is sleeping. I just finished roasting lamb leg in the oven so it’s a perfect time for some Beer and to write some updates on my blog.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time from last year Super Lap Battle to write or do much. My daughter was born 27th of november and after that I decided to stay more at home this year.

Nothing to worry about, I am still working on cars and giving my beloved EVO full rebuild and much needed new setup. I am a one person team and it takes time and money so I am thinking this year SLB will be the only race I will do with new car. I was hoping to be able to attend GTA Pro AM rounds 3-4 but it doesn’t look like I will be done by then.

I am not going to spoil the surprise and I am not going to get into details what and how and how much as far as car. One thing I found that my two valve steam seals were broken what I am sure did not help with power. I was probably running like this for last year or so 🙂 Fortunately I was running only 25psi and very, very reliable tune so car was working fine till I pulled engine out last month. Car was a great and reliable, low power platform for testing various things like suspension and aero settings. I’ve tried many different setting, parts and designs and now based on these findings final package is being build. Yes my car was only a test rig, nothing even close to the final thing. 🙂

So that being said, I am looking forward to testing and Super Lap Battle later this year.

Thank you for reading.



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